Protector 20.1in Flat Panel

Screen Protector
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Product: Screen Protector 20.1-in Flat Panel

Actual size: 17 1/8 inches X 10 5/8 inches (43.5 cm X 26.99 cm)

Options: Select a protector for a matte screen or a glossy screen

Protection for flat panels screens, laptops, notebooks, touch screens, and other electronic devices of this size.

Product Features

Use. The screen protector can be used with laptops, notebooks, flat panel screens, touch screens, and any other type of screen that needs protection from scratches and surface wear.

Protects. Provides a tough, plastic barrier against scratches, finger prints, spots, and smudges. The adhesive seal provides protection from dust, sand, moisture and other contaminants.

Durable. The screen protectors are made of a hard coated polyester that is 100% latex free. This provides maximum durability and protection for your screen.   

Easy installation. The protectors are easy to install. If you make a mistake installing it, you can simply remove it and start again.

Clear protection. The clear polyester material does not affect monitor colors or resolutions. The protector also provides a degree of anti-glare protection

How to measure your screen for a protector
To find the screen protector size you need, measure the  width of the viewable area of your screen from the left border to the right border to get the width. Measure the height of the viewable area of your screen from the top border to the bottom border of the viewable screen area. Note that the advertised dimensions of your screen are based on a diagonal screen measurement. (For example, a notebook screen that is advertised as 12.1 inches will measure approximately 9-5/8" in width.)


Is your screen Matte or Glossy finish?
Flat panel screens (including laptops and notebooks) have either a glossy finish or a matte finish. The difference in appearance is that, when you turn off a glossy screen, you can see your reflection in it. When you turn off a matte screen, you will see muted shadows, but you will not see a clear reflection in the screen.

You must select the type of screen protector based on the type of flat panel surface you have. This ensures that the adhesive on the protector works best with the surface to make a nice, protective fit for years of durable service.