Genovation ControlPad CP24 USB Virtual Serial (Formerly 684-U)

ControlPad CP24-USB Virtual Serial
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Genovation ControlPad CP24 USB Virtual Serial

(Formerly the 684-U)

The ControlPad CP24-USB Virtual Serial is versatile, 24-key programmable USB Serial ASCII keypad.

This allows your application to open and connect to this COM port to communicate with the ControlPad CP24-USB Virtual Serial Keypad.

Your custom macro key definitions are stored within the CP24-USB Virtual Serial’s internal FLASH memory allowing it to operate as a stand-alone serial ASCII keyboard.


  • 24 fully programmable keys with relegendable keycaps
  • 3 double keys and a keycap puller included
  • 6' USB cable that is detachable
  • 2-level programmable which gives the equivalent of 48 keys
  • Programmable LED
  • Supports F1 through F24
  • Uses high quality key switches


  • 6' USB cable with Type A plug
  • Complies with FCC Class B standards
  • Uses gold plated industrial quality mechanical key switches
  • Includes programming software (MacroMasterCPxx.exe)
  • Software driver not required for operation
  • Size: 15.5cm x 9.6cm x 3.5cm (6.1" x 3.75" x 1.5")
  • Weight of Keypad alone is 0.54 lbs
  • Keypad with single ship pack is .45 kg (1.0 lbs)
  • Memory is 200 bytes per key or (4800 bytes max)
  • EEPROM is non-volatile, >100 year retention.
  • Will boot PC standalone in USB mode
  • Color: Black
  • Operating System: Software requires Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8. After programming, the unit operates on any OS and any PC with USB: - Windows / Mac OS / Linux / DOS
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