Finnish Keyboard Labels

Finnish Keyboard Labels
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Finnish / Swedish Keyboard Labels
Product Description: The Finnish / Swedish keyboard labels are clear labels with Finnish characters on the right side. This allows you to convert any keyboard to a bilingual Finnish keyboard. The labels are available in green (for light or beige colored keyboards) and white (for black keyboards).

Language Compatibility. The Finnish keyboard labels are compatible with the Windows Finnish keyboard layouts used in Finland and Sweden.

Windows Compatibility. The Finnish keyboard labels are compatible with the Finnish keyboard layouts in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The labels might be compatible with other versions of Windows, but they have not been tested to ensure complete compatibility.

Hardware compatibility. Most keyboards feature the printed characters in the upper left corner or the key or the left side of the key. However, some keyboards, such as Logitech® standard keyboards, feature printing in the middle of the key. The Finnish labels are compatible with both keyboard styles. When the label printing might interfere with the original print on the key, we include two labels; you simply choose which label works best for your keyboard.

Product Description 

  • We use a silkscreen process that prints the letters on the underside of the label. Your fingers don't touch the printing, so the letters will not rub off.
  • The labels are printed on high quality Lexan® that makes them very durable.
  • The labels are self-adhesive and die-cut for simple peel and stick installation.
  • The matte finish Lexan is non-glare at any angle.
  • The smooth, matte finish is an easy-to-see, non-slick surface that feels comfortable for typing. 
  • The adhesive will not harm the original printing on the keyboard keys.
  • If desired, the labels can be easily peeled off without damaging the key or the original printing on the key.
  • The labels are designed to fit standard desktop and laptop computer keyboards. If necessary, you can trim them with scissors prior to application.
  • The adhesive will not ooze or yellow with age.
  • Keyboard labels will not crack or peel.

Product Features.

  • The keyboard labels are manufactured of highly durable Lexan® for high quality and long-lasting use.
  • The letters appear on the right side of the clear label allowing you to create a bilingual keyboard.
  • The label set includes extra labels to be compatible with the widest range of keyboards including Logitech® standard keyboards.
  • Select the language letter color, green or white, to best suit your keyboard color. We recommend green letters for beige and light colored keyboards and white letters for black or dark colored keyboards.
  • The letters are printed on the underside of the label making it almost impossible to scratch or wear off.
  • The labels are self-adhesive for simple peel-and-stick application.
  • The adhesive will not harm the original printing on the keyboard keys.
  • If desired, the labels may be removed without damaging the keyboard.
  • The labels are designed to fit standard PC computer keyboards. If necessary, the labels can be trimmed with scissors prior to application.

Setup Instructions. Setup Instructions for Windows in PDF file format provides information that you can view and print to assist you in the installation and setup of your language keyboard. These instructions include additional product information, step-by-step directions on how to install the labels, and how to configure your version of Windows for Finnish.

You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file. If you do not have the reader you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

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